Yoder campaign falters in campaign’s final days under weight of donations, ethics complaints, and shady ties to industry

This morning, the Jay Sidie campaign released a report on the payday loan industry and it’s deep ties to career politician Kevin Yoder (R-Payday Loan Industry). The report exposes not only how the predatory payday loan industry has affected the country, but Yoder’s unique ties to Kansas City payday loan shark James Carnes, as well as his status as the top recipient of payday loan money among all 535 members of Congress.

The report is available on Sidie’s website HERE.

“Kevin Yoder’s connection to this industry is at best insidious and at worst illegal,” said Sidie campaign manager Shawn Borich. “I can only guess that he’s ok with it because they’re giving him money for free and not charging extortionate interest rates and ruining his life like they do so many of his constituents.”  

The report comes as Yoder’s campaign is faltering under intense scrutiny of his ties to the predatory industry. This week the Kansas City Star wrote:

“The Center for Responsive Politics says Yoder has taken more than $248,000 in donations from people and groups associated with the industry during his career, more than any other member of the House or Senate.”

The Associated Press yesterday added:

“The payday loan contributions include $48,200 for his race this year against Democrat Jay Sidie, who has no record of accepting payday loan-related donations.”

KSTN (NBC) featured the issue in an on-air story saying:

“Contributions from payday lenders are generating attention in a Kansas Congressional race, amid records showing that incumbent Representative Kevin Yoder is a major beneficiary.

Yoder’s ties to the industry were further complicated when it was embarrassingly revealed that he had asked for and accepted additional money from the industry just this week. His latest filing with the Federal Election Commission revealed that Yoder received $1000 from Cash America PAC–a political action committee designed to advance the interests of the payday loan industry.


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